About Commit

Earning trust,
not influence.

Trust in brand and influencer marketing is fading fast. We prepare brands for the age of authenticity by helping them design, build and leverage communities.

We produce mechanisms for change, collaboration, trust and most importantly, authentic content.

Earn trust, not influence
New breed working

New breed working.

We are a highly focused multi-disciplinary team. We don’t do account handlers, instead we look to merge our expertise with our clients to tackle concentrated challenges. We strive to remain agile, focussed and always moving forward.

New breed working

We live by the 3

Thou shalt not fake it.

If you like paying people to pretend to use your product, we’re not for you. We hold little stock in influencer marketing as a long-term play and instead believe budget should be invested in community building with genuine consumers. Especially the creative ones.

Thou content shalt be killer.

We believe user generated content done right is beautiful, compelling and offers brands a unique opportunity to share powerful stories and ideas that resonate beyond the newsfeed.

Honour thy audience.

Moving prospects from zero to one is a wonderful thing. But it shouldn’t be a one-night stand. We build relationships, treat people with respect and never talk about consumers as targets.

Our 3 commitments
We envision, design and activate UGC

We envision, design and activate UGC through:


Research and insights | UGC and Community | Platform Product Strategy | Campaign design and planning

Social Media:

Strategic Development | Community Management | Campaign | Dark Social & Groups

Site and Platform Development:

Architecture & Design | Bespoke Full-Stack Development | Social Integration | Data Delivery


Outreach | Relationship building | Comms planning | Syndication | Gamification

We envision, design and activate UGC

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