Team Commit

We are experienced strategists, developers and project managers and content/community specialists. Collaboration is in our blood. We are nimble, delivery focussed and form highly specialised creative partnerships during delivery. We also blend comfortably with in-house teams.

Who we are


Managing Partner - Strategy

Journalism, scriptwriting and content marketing. My education has taken many turns but one core element is clear. I live for connecting through stories.

I had the honour of managing social media and communities within Virgin Media through their biggest period of growth. Here I learned the complexity of large organisations and was lucky to collaborate with inspiring people across the Virgin Group.

My strengths lie in ideation and innovation. I’m proud to say my research in the application of new technologies has featured in some of the UK’s leading publications like The Times, Spectator and The Observer.

Being a father to four boys has taught me that trust is the most crucial value. It’s important to do what you say and sometimes that means saying ‘no’. It’s a founding principle of Commit. If we can’t do it, we won’t tell you we can.

I believe in digital for good. Bringing people together around a common purpose and driving symbiotic outcomes is important to me. As a managing partner I hope to challenge our client partners to create value for their companies and their customers in an ethical and sustainable way.

Jim Meadows
Adam Catlow

Who we are


Managing Partner - Platforms

My first taste of developing code was at The University of Gloucestershire. Here I studied programming, game-design and the ethics of multimedia marketing.

I now have a decade of experience in software delivery and am proud to have built digital products for brands I genuinely love.

Gaining experience at a leading events studio before my career took me to a dedicated social agency, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of having millions of people use products I’ve built.

I hope to see as much of the world as I can. I believe travelling and experiencing a wide range of societies is important. It keeps me focused on cultivating our own culture to be inclusive and people orientated.

As a managing partner my goal is to realise Commit to be the leading studio within our specialism and build unrivalled products to support our client partners.

We’ve an aim to be a small giant.

Adam Catlow

Who we are


Partner - Architecture

For over 25 years I have had the honour to partner with many prestigious brands from ADT, Avery Dennison Corporation, Brother International, The Department of Trade and Industry and IBM.

Experience has taught me that data has the power to transform both the creative and commercial process. As a senior system architect and developer I build agile processes and systems that foster meaningful innovation whilst delivering relatable, accountable results.

Beyond work, I have a lifelong and active interest in machine learning and digital ethics. I am a member of the Future of Life Foundation, joining notable academics and scientists globally to lobby government agencies, promote ethical application of Artificial Intelligence and unilaterally reduce the number of Nuclear Weapons on our planet.

Commit is an innovative, ethical and passionate team who realise that customers wish to be more than targets. As a partner I share a mutual ambition to furnish brands with the tools to deliver and monitor authentic multi-channel customer experiences.

Scot Forshaw
Sam Bowden-Wright

Who we are


Manager - Content

After studying consumer marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University I knew I wanted to work in social media, cutting my teeth client-side with Ticketmaster, where I began to understand the power of a truly engaged audience.

I believe if you’re enjoying what you’re doing you should keep doing it and for me that meant working with more clients and audiences.

Creating and curating content that evokes a reaction and compels an audience to take action has much more value than traditional media.

Agency-side, I’ve partnered with brands such as Chicago Town, Wilko and Magnet and am proud to have had tens of millions of people read the content I’ve written and see videos which I’ve created.

My goal with Commit is to help our client-partners create compelling and authentic content, forming valuable and meaningful relationships with their biggest asset – their fans.

Sam Bowden-Wright

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