Wearecommit Limited (T/A Commit) regrets to advise that the company has now ceased trading and gone out of business.

LaCie: Collective


LaCie, Seagate’s premium consumer technology is labelled by its users as the “Apple of hard-drives”. Infamous for their striking orange Rugged drives, LaCie is the go-to of creative professionals of every capacity. LaCie desired to scale brand-storytelling and capitalise on the craftsmanship of its owned audience.

Discovering talent from within their consumer base and uncovering personal stories, would require LaCie to reposition as an enabler of the creative audience — to shift marketing efforts beyond product rational and build a global movement celebrating their core audience, filmmakers.

Establishing a mature community programme to attract and retain the attention of LaCie fans, we developed COLLECTIVE, a next-generation community platform inviting filmmakers into an owned environment, a social channel of their very own — in which they can level up their talent through peer-to-peer skill sharing, exclusive filmmaking challenges and network building.

Every month community host and YouTuber Sara Dietschy invites an industry professional to set and judge a challenge for the community who in turn participate by providing content around a central theme. Over time we gamify and profile members offering them highly personal opportunities to create more branded content and support overall marketing efforts.



COLLECTIVE memberships are growing monthly in the tens of thousands. The community is becoming known as a resource for filmmakers, bringing new audiences closer to LaCie’s brand. Thousands of hours of jaw-dropping user generated content has been created and LaCie are owning 100s of direct relationships with socially influential consumers — creating an ecosystem of empowered loyalists has enabled LaCie to increase influencer output by 100% and reinvest media savings, whilst improving content velocity and diversification.


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