Case History - LaCie
Reduced media spend MoM Community growth +2000 MoM +10,000 hours of UGC Influencer output +100%

Discovery and Strategy

Our Aim

Building creator relationships through UGC for LaCie got us to thinking about what we did next with talent and influencers we’d opened dialogue with, and how we could maximise their value as powerful marketing channels whilst adhering to our foundational principle of being authentic customer enablers.

The strategy identified a need to use influencers in a new way. Rather than form product advertising partnerships, we leveraged influencer budget towards “influencer residencies” each resident fulfilling a role benefits and motivates the community to produce content. This new role sees them headlining contests, providing interview and skills content and attending IRL meet ups.

We started building a long-term community program which would help nurture these relationships over time and which would help us achieve our primary objectives increasing the value from brand perception and content generation.

Design and Build

A global creative community

At the core of COLLECTIVE is an interactive platform where any creator can learn new skills from the world’s most renowned professionals, then use that learning to make captivating content, earning meaningful rewards in the process. We designed a truly next generation community platform complete with all the features you’d expect from sites like Behance, Dribbble and common social networks and integrated the product with core video applications - Vimeo & YouTube.

The advanced social integration of this hub is vital to the programme in allowing LaCie to discover and profile members, retain engagement through social messaging apps and calculate syndication results directly into Google Data Studio.


Scaling the network

Influencer residences helped to onboard the initial cohort of 15,000 creative professionals.

By engaging COLLECTIVE members in two-way dialogue, we were able to better understand the needs and extrinsic motivations of our audience, which is helping us fine tune future campaigns for maximum participation and design a gamification engine, which motivates the audience to create. In creating COLLECTIVE, LaCie’s social strategy has shifted focus from promoting product USPs to creating value in it’s content and positioning the brand as an enabler of the creative professional, barriers to join the brand owned community are minimal.

Measurement and Learning


It’s unique in that the programme is informed by and designed to add-value to content creators but it’s approach allows participation at a wider level.

Unlike competitors LaCie no longer have to market on single-factor USPs and are not limited to talking to their audience about the speed, style or reliability of their products (which is already known) but rather the creative output from the audiences’ use of the product; world-class, engaging content - one of the biggest passion points of this audience.

Direct benefits have been realised in both ROO and ROI. Both avg, campaign spend and acquisition media spend are reducing MoM. Influencer spend is reducing due to the perceived benefit of partnership and creator output has delivered over 10,000 hours of original content to date.

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