Case History - LaCie
12 Weeks 7,252,416 Impressions 69,482 engagements 102 Hours of UGC

Discovery and Strategy

Our Aim

Commit were asked to Increase conversations around LaCie's brand focus and perception, building new relationships with film-makers and to garner affordable video content (at scale) to illustrate LaCie’s position as an enabler of the creative professional.

Using social listening technology and immersing ourselves in the world of the aspiring film-maker, we created a Global contest inviting film-makers to share the moments, people and places that inspired them, advocating LaCie’s brand message and qualifying authentic micro-influencers for future partnerships.

Design and Build

A fully-integrated bespoke video platform

We wanted to make a central platform that worked for LaCie users and decided to build around Google’s YouTube API, authenticating users via Google and allowing them to present video’s from their YouTube playlist, ensuring content ownership and making use of Google’s advanced 4k hosting and copyright moderation functionality.

A succinct user-experience design simplified the submission process into an efficient three step journey, with 5 language options and bespoke branded landing pages created for LaCie resellers across all territories.


Through the line

We crafted a look and feel for the campaign inline with LaCie brand guidelines, taking inspiration from film-making and YouTube’s iconic play icon, this created consistency across social, email, video and site content which ran for 12 weeks.

Leveraging the influence of two high profile contest judges, acclaimed surf photographer Zak Noyle and nomad cinematographer Andy Best (a pairing with over 1M combined Instagram followers) we first encouraged entrants to download a brief, to ensure a high standard of content was garnered and incorporated both share and vote mechanisms to drive organic reach. Once user generated content had been uploaded, a series of highlight reels were created - amassing 7.2 million direct impressions and 93,000 native video views on YouTube.

Measurement and Learning


Over 12 weeks, #InMyElement collected 1347 submissions an increase of +505% on their most recent UGC campaign. Over 700 unique creators submitted 100 hours of high quality video footage and over 30 micro-influencer partnerships have been established.

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