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LaCie: InMyElement


LaCie partnered with DJI to launch a co-branded range of portable drives specifically for creative travel and adventurers. Prior to launch, they wanted to build a focussed audience and highlight their position in the market.

Given the specificity of the audience, LaCie would need a global campaign — that illustrated a deep understanding of the market, discovered brand ambassadors and warmed prospects for product targeting.

Using social listening technology and immersing ourselves in the world of the aspiring travel film-maker, we created a Global contest inviting film-makers to share the moments, people and places that inspired them, advocating LaCie’s brand and qualifying authentic micro-influencers for future partnerships.

Leveraging the influence of two high profile contest judges, acclaimed surf photographer Zak Noyle and nomad cinematographer Andy Best (a pairing with over 1M combined Instagram followers) we first encouraged entrants to download a brief, to ensure a high standard of content was garnered and incorporated both share and vote mechanisms to drive organic reach.



Over 12 weeks, the campaign attracted 1347 submissions from 83 countries. Over 700 unique creators submitted 100 hours of high-quality video footage achieving 7.5M impressions.

Building momentum with the audience, we formed 30 micro-influencer partnerships and leveraged them to produce a series of product focussed content, achieving 69,000 engagements within the original budget.



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