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Seagate: Best Comes From Within


Seagate are a global leader in data storage solutions and the launch of the industry’s widest range of advanced 14TB drives needed to connect with the world’s leading creative professionals.

Launching novel data management opportunities across such a wide range of markets required Seagate to illustrate the social and cultural context of an entirely new product line-up in order to drive a brand extension that would demonstrate their technology as an enabler of the creative process.

Pitching the best undiscovered talent within Seagate’s customer base — in a battle-royal of creativity. We discovered and activated ten break-through filmmakers and invited them to design and shoot a series of online advertisements interpreting their personal vision of the tagline, “The best comes from within”.

Films would be judged by advertising content expert David Beebe Disney/ABC and syndicated through a global campaign across brand and reseller social channels.



The Seagate brand extends successfully into new markets, heightening the brand’s appeal to desired personas within the creative professional audience. Participants create 10 films, spanning the globe. From London to Paris, New York to Alaska — becoming Seagate’s highest performing user-generated content to date.


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