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Case History - Seagate
120 minutes of beautiful film 10 relationships formed Avg video views 35,000

Discovery and Strategy


Content velocity. It’s a problem we all face and with consumers on average needing to see 11 pieces of content prior to purchase (Adobe 2019) UGC can help bridge the gap.

Seagate came to Commit with this very challenge. To aid the velocity of a campaign supporting their brand new 14TB flagship creator drives.


Creator discovery

We built relationships with 10 independent film-makers and studios who used their drives to create 10 social ads to a brief that allowed them to tell their story and let them.

Their work was judged by former ABC CMO David Bebe and the work resonated with audiences across the world – with the top 3 videos becoming Seagate’s most successful UGC video content to date – building an engaged audience to retarget with product and direct marketing.

Measurement and Learning


An audience of 400,000 was defined for retargeting. Average video view 35,000.

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