Wearecommit Limited (T/A Commit) regrets to advise that the company has now ceased trading and gone out of business.

Vita Student: Ultimate Revision Playlist


As part of an on-going brand building programme, Vita Student wanted to reach prospective students with a brand sponsorship that spoke to their audience — high performing students attending the UKs top universities. Our idea would need to incorporate a brand that felt culturally relevant in an activity sympathetic of the student life-style.

A playlist chosen by students, backed by science. Creating a platform built on top of Spotify’s API, invited Vita students to collaborate in sharing their personal revision tracks through an advanced web-app that accessed the entire Spotify library. Their choices were shipped to The University of Surrey for scientific analysis, to determine how different tracks impacted the listeners ability to retain information.

The campaign allowed for multiple content streams, the playlist was featured within Spotify whilst we produced a series of “taggable” content moments across the audiences most popular channel, Instagram.



In just seven days, with zero media spend – we garnered thousands of site registrations as online conversion led to 20% participating fully in the competition.


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